Wamalug: Display: National Toy Train Museum (2004)

The National Toy Train Museum
300 Paradise Lane
Strasburg, Pennsylvania

With Roy’s departure for California in the summer of 2003, the need to replace the display of LEGO® Trains from the 1960s and 1970s originally installed as an exhibit at the National Toy Train Museum in 2002 became pressing indeed. Preliminary work on preparing the display began at the January meeting of Wamalug with a laying-out of baseplates and the placement of a few façades.

Christina and Rich use similar gestures as each mulls the progress so far, while Margaret contemplates the remains from The Great Pumpkin Giveaway.

Marian, Rich, Abe, Ken, and Margaret joined Christina for a dedicated session the next day where trains from the 2000s occupied the tracks and additional buildings lined the streets.

Work continued at the February meeting of Wamalug as Rich brought his mountain to anchor one end and Cris brought his houses for… wherever.

Margaret and Abe brought contributions to the March meeting of Wamalug.

In the 10343st message to the mailing list, Christina thanked Margaret for driving and helping to install the new exhibit on March 21st.

This display was replaced in 2007.


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