Flyer (20191111)

[TGV, RDC] WamaLTC [bi-level coach] [seal] Who we are and what we do. Play well. [Wmata at work.]Who are we? We are the Washington, D. C. Metropolitan Area LEGO® Train Club. We pronounce our name wah-mah-ell-tee-see. We are an independent group of adults who enjoy building and running LEGO trains and we get together online and at meetings to discuss our mutual hobby, what we’ve built, and what we’re planning. We organize and run shows like this one to make a display bigger than any we can have at home! We also meet in our homes and other venues as we find them. How can I learn more? We have an authoritative web site (no www. needed) which describes our past meetings and shows and announces upcoming shows. It’s where you’ll find a link on the “Contact” page to our list on where we do most of the communicating amongst ourselves and with people such as yourself. Join the list on and let’s hear from you.I didn’t know LEGO made trains! You’re not alone, but LEGO has been making trains since 1965. LEGO trains are close to the size of “O” gauge trains like LIONEL® but the distance between the rails is different so they are not interchangeable. Some call it L Gauge. Depending on our display location, we might use the older electrified track with metal rails that has been discontinued or we might use the current all-plastic track with battery-powered trains. The older system used a wired controller to send 9 volts to the track and the electrical pickups on the motor in the train, the newer system uses a handheld wireless controller to control the battery-powered motor in the train. My kid loves to build with LEGO. Can my child join your club? We enjoy sharing our display with children but we are primarily a club for adults.How do I join WamaLTC? We are open to adult builders of LEGO trains and other creations in LEGO elements participating in our meetings, shows, and displays, but there is not actually any way to “join” our club. Join the list on, participate in the discussions and planning there, arrange to be at our meetings and shows with stuff you’ve built, and you’re in. There’s no organization, no rules, no tax-exempt status, nothing... please don’t take a bite of anybody else’s LEGO pieces. How much of this is kits? Some of what you see on display was a kit sold by LEGO at some point and while we do build kits we buy from LEGO the real fun is building our own Mocs (My Own Creations) from the pieces in other sets, pieces bought in bulk online, or from the Pick-a-Brick wall in LEGO Brand Retail Stores.Where can I buy LEGO Trains? We don’t sell items from our display. LEGO trains may be purchased online at or at a LEGO Brand Retail Store, and sometimes at major retailers like Target. There are starter sets that include a loop of track, the train motor, and a controller, other sets don’t have these parts so for a first purchase check the box contents to be sure you can have a running train when you’re done building. The fine print! LEGO®, the LEGO® logo, the Minifigure, and the Brick and Knob configurations are trademarks of the LEGO Group of Companies which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse WamaLTC and its activities. Photographs courtesy Constantine Hannaher. TGV locomotive and Rail Diesel Car by Bob Hayes. Metrorail car by Kevin Loch. Other creations by Constantine Hannaher.Where can I do more? online LEGO shop, current sets, bulk parts marketplace for used and new sets and parts LEGO set guide & inventories site for LEGO CAD software to view and create photo sharing, discussions, contests / LEGO Users Group in the area has monthly meetings picture galleries of LEGO creations club’s co-founder has building instructions and more [QR code]

Download our flyer in color in PDF. Don’t have access to a color printer? Download our flyer in monochrome in PDF.