Meeting at Granddad’s Hobby Shop on November 19, 2000

Granddad’s Hobby Shop
5260A Port Royal Road
Springfield, Virginia

We had a meeting in a back room at Granddad’s Hobby Shop on Sunday, November 19, 2000. Tom made the original announcement of the meeting on and made a follow-up post to In attendance: Kevin Loch, Dan Boger, Jennifer Boger, Tom Cook, Bob Hayes and his two sons Bobby and Patrick, Christina Hitchcock, Abe Friedman, Greg Kramer, Margaret Keys. Two new people: Lee Tucker, Garth Kidman.


At least three different layouts were constructed. Christina learned how to (and how NOT to) put LEGO® track together. Abe helped Christina set-up up much of the track.

Lee brought some very nice old time steam MOCs.

Dan and Tom are building a fleet of Southern Railway diesels.

Greg brought a 7745 (12V Train Set); it’s beautiful.

Jenn sorted a bunch of tubs. Kevin modified his Amtrak cars to be more like Amfleet cars. Bob brought his Amtrak Electric Loco and high speed loco. Bob’s sons brought some MOCs to go with Dad’s high speed loco. Margaret brought some old Trains, including a wind-up Hi-Rail truck. All in all… a good time was had by all.

Brickshelf gallery of Dan Boger.