Meeting at Greg Kramer’s house on January 25, 2003

Maintenance of way locomotives pressed into revenue service pulling Tom’s two cars bearing 5-wide trailers.

We got together at the home of host Greg Kramer on Saturday, January 25, 2003. Participants in attendance: Kevin Loch, Tom Cook, Bob Hayes, Abe Friedman, Greg Kramer, Margaret Keys, Aaron Sneary, Roy Gal, Constantine Hannaher, Michael Harrod.

Roy and Tom among those admiring Greg’s layout.
Aaron liked the “house under construction” so much he had to build his own right away.
A seasonal tableau enlivens a side street.
Tom brought his new Baltimore & Ohio V-2  “Lord Baltimore” Hudson (4-6-4) steam engine and tender.
Greg did a little planning, using a scale model in LEGO® elements, for the next show (in 2 weeks).
We ran some of Greg’s variety of locomotives.

It was settled at the last meeting—green atop the nose of a Union Pacific locomotive can be prototypical.

Constantine had used orange brick prototypically to build a pair of CSX’s Maintenance of Way locomotives (and had the photograph to prove it).
Aaron’s effort to use orange brick resulted in this sports car.
Some people can’t seem to stop with building only one of anything.
The Wamalug logo proved itself renderable in LEGO® elements, a planned addition to the next show’s layout.

Brickshelf gallery of Abe Friedman, Flickr album of Constantine Hannaher.