Meeting at the house of Denise Jadud and Kevin Loch on March 22, 2003

Train club swap containers find themselves in another mode of transport.

We got together at the home of hosts Denise Jadud and Kevin Loch on Saturday, March 22, 2003. Participants in attendance: Denise Jadud, Kevin Loch, Tom Cook, Abe Friedman, Greg Kramer, Margaret Keys, Constantine Hannaher, Michael Harrod, Nate Jacobs.

Kevin, Tom, and Margaret set up, leveled, and clamped tables, then Michael joined them as they set out three loops of track.

Jacob McKee of the Building Instructions Portal joined us as a guest for discussion and lunch.

Oops, our ambassador/envoy car still proclaims its preference for BrickFest™ 2002 .

Some of Kevin’s buildings and rolling stock.

The sign on the right gets installed at the National Toy Train Museum the next day.

Nate, Tom, Margaret, Greg.

A small part of Kevin or Denise’s collection. A new container on the unit train.

Constantine’s CSX Maintenance of Way locomotives squeak through Kevin’s Metrorail station as Michael supervises.

Nate Jacobs added to our collection of containers with one from LUCNY. A reciprocal container for the LEGO® Users of Central New York was quickly prepared. Tom will be taking our ambassador/envoy car to Boston and a NELUG layout. We made a few plans for the show in Manassas in June.

Brickshelf gallery of Abe Friedman, Flickr album of Constantine Hannaher.