Meeting at Tom Cook’s house on May 17, 2003

Roy’s third rail lends another authentic detail to Constantine’s Metrorail station.

We got together at the home of host Tom Cook for a meeting on Saturday, May 17, 2003. Participants in attendance: Tom Cook, Abe Friedman, Margaret Keys, Roy Gal, Constantine Hannaher, Michael Harrod.

No subway entrance complete without them

Constantine had built an entrance for his Metrorail station which included many newspaper dispensers. See how many newspapers you can recognize from the color and shape of the dispenser.

The blue dispenser is inevitably accompanied by an orange dispenser.
A bomb-resistant trash can found only outside the station a mark of changed times.
Rendition of electronic message sign moved for better visibility.
Roy’s flower vendor, banished from the platform, looks for customers at the escalators.

Margaret works yet another type into her display of the history of LEGO® trains

Margaret worked to interweave Greg’s planned monorail route through her display of the history of LEGO® trains. Margaret had a pedestrian overpass to reach the playground we plan to have in a loop at the corner of the layout.

What color was that again?

Michael had a train to run, while his sand red building fooled the color sense of many visitors. Too many of them thought it was pink. Another building might be serving to test paint colors.

Planning for the next show: concrete or lawn?

A representative of the Manassas Railway Festival offered us a new location at the event. Roy left a few buildings with Tom to include in the layout.

We built a number of 12-high pillars in 2×2 round gray bricks for Greg’s planned monorail route. Tom demonstrated the operation of Microsoft Train Simulator with a Baltimore & Ohio add-on. By the looks of it, we also sat around a lot.

Brickshelf gallery of Abe Friedman, Flickr album of Constantine Hannaher.