Meeting at Greg Kramer’s house on June 21, 2003

An unusual cargo in a corner of Greg’s yard.

We got together at the home of host Greg Kramer for a meeting on Saturday, June 21, 2003. Participants in attendance: Kevin Loch, Tom Cook, Bob Hayes, Abe Friedman, Greg Kramer, Margaret Keys, Roy Gal, Constantine Hannaher.

Greg’s monorail station

Greg’s cable-stayed bridge (using 9V connectors) for monorail track

Margaret’s yellow and black monorail train proved too tall and lost some pieces off the top.

Bob’s space shuttle, rail diesel car, and double decker bus

Bob saw no difficulty with putting the 7470 Space Shuttle Discovery on blue baseplates.
Only two pieces left until Bob has the perfect reconstruction of 760 London Bus.

Tom demonstrated DCC using the RCX

Tom shows Margaret how the size of a Train motor spans a gap in the switch track so precisely that the DCC-controlled motor cuts out momentarily.
Abe takes control!
Roy takes control!

Kevin builds a Racers set and a discovery is made

Kevin starts unpacking the parts in Racers 4588 Off-Road Race Track.
Margaret arranges half-curves from several handy themes.
Look at that! The radius of curvature of Train track, Racers track, and Monorail track turns out to have a nested relationship.

Build, build, build

Margaret assists Greg in repairing a building. Tom built Orient Expedition 7413 Passage of Jun-Chi. Margaret built Studios 1382 Scary Laboratory (recently half-price at local Toys R Us stores).
Abe and Constantine took on the challenge of building designs by James Mathis from renderings found on Brickshelf, but had to resort to consulting a file in the LDraw format to complete the project. Roy and Greg look on as Constantine, the Volkswagen Beetle done, begins work on the truck cab.
The completed project leaves Greg with a fine VW Beetle and a handsome cabover truck.

Brickshelf gallery of Abe Friedman, Flickr album of Constantine Hannaher.