Greenberg’s Great Train and Collectible Toy Show in Upper Marlboro, Maryland on February 12–13, 2000

This show was under the auspices of WAMALUG before the founding of WamaLTC.

We got a ribbon for our effort!

To say we were the hit of the show would be an understatement! Of the approximately 2,500 visitors to the Showplace Arena in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, 300,000 of them must have come to our table at some point during the weekend to stare in amazement at the layout.

Setting up on Friday.
Taking advantage of our play area.

Our final layout was 10′×13′ with 3 independent train loops and somewhat more than 50,000 bricks. We also were able to set up an extra set of tables just out from the main display where we could set up other things (like the eye-full tower—with working elevator—and a Supercar display). The separate table was great, as it let us play and build during the show. We used it to show off a “history of the Supercar,” including a motorized 8448 Super Street Sensation.

Highlights of the Show:

Brickshelf gallery of Kevin Loch, Brickshelf gallery of Dan Boger.