Great American Train Show in Gaithersburg, Maryland on February 26–27, 2000

This show was under the auspices of WAMALUG before the founding of WamaLTC.

Tom Cook
Tom investigates the new layout…

For our second show, we added 2 tables to the middle of our display to make the “long sides” of the display longer. The resulting yard was much more impressive and we were almost able to park all our trains at the same time! We also moved the inner loop from around the center of the tables out to parallel the outer track, giving us two main lines and a nice wide bridge for them to drive through.

Set up went very well this time. We seem to be getting the hang of things, and even with the new tables and changes to the layout, the whole thing only took us a few hours.

Kevin works the crane…
…and the crane moves around.

Most of the city and other areas were the same as the Greenberg show 2 weeks before. One of the big improvements this time was the crane. Kevin managed to automate the crane with 3 directions of movement which he used throughout the weekend to move things around the “under construction” tower (including several vehicles and minifigs). :-)

The other big hit of the show had to be the jumbo sized minifig affectionately named Larry. Larry was “on loan” (he needed to get out for a weekend, so we liberated him) from The Store and was a big crowd hit.

Our layout attracted continuous crowds over the weekend and a constant influx of amazed kids and adults. In the end, we won 3rd place for best layout at the show! An award we are immensely proud of.

Highlights of the weekend:

Brickshelf gallery of Kevin Loch. Additional thumbnails from the Peeron folder of Dan Boger, no longer available.