Greenberg’s Great Train and Collectible Toy Show in Chantilly, Virginia on July 15–16, 2000

New layout

The Chantilly show was easily our best show yet. We had 25 tables this time, more than twice as many tables as the last show! The whole thing was almost 300 square feet of display!

New buildings

We had a huge layout with lots of things to see and lots of activity all over the place. There were 4 loops of trains and lots of new buildings, at least half of them. New areas on the layout included a central track switch/staging yard, an elevated section of track, and a couple of nice wooded areas with tons and tons of trees.

New stuff

In addition to the new spiffy layout things, we had new additions to the overall setup area like Margaret Keys’ 4.5 volt battery train which attracted lots of attention (hopefully we can put together some 12 V stuff to have a full historical display). There was also a BrikWars game on Saturday that garnered its share of fans (several of whom asked if we were going to play again on Sunday). :-) The soccer table was overrun by kids all day Saturday.

Things of note:

Brickshelf gallery of Abe Friedman. Additional thumbnails from the Peeron folder of Dan Boger, no longer available.