Greenberg’s Toy and Train Show in Chantilly, Virginia on August 18–19, 2001

Tom Cook, Kevin Loch, and Denise Jadud among those setting up on Friday the 17th.

Abe Friedman brought his latest creation, a series of tract houses.

Greg Kramer supplied several buildings suitable for a small town’s Main Street.

Margaret Keys’ 7-11 featured front, back, and full interior.

A wedding at the church squeezed between the road and the track at the turn.

Cris Berneburg took Christina Hitchcock’s idea for a row house and just couldn’t stop.

But Cris and his row houses had to find a spot right next to the tracks—not the toniest spot to live.

Abe’s blue gym offered a surprise tenant on every floor for the observant visitors.

Christina and Margaret turn their attention to the building table established for the children and some of their parents.

Christina makes a final adjustment before the show reopens on Sunday.

There was a crash here by the railroad station…

…and another around the corner in the residential quarter…

…and here’s a jack-knifed, overturned truck on the elevated highway. Someone please build a hospital…

Look at the red (LEGO® Direct) caboose make its way around the track.

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