Manassas Railway Festival in Manassas, Virginia on June 1, 2002

Cris Berneburg enjoys seeing all the visitors at the Manassas show.

We had a display on Saturday, June 1, 2002 at the Manassas Railway Festival. There were plenty of trains, vehicles, structures, and vignettes for visitors to enjoy. We gave away almost half a box (of 500) business cards with our sponsoring users group’s new logo.

Yes, it was sunny

We had a big crowd


Our layout was designed by Aaron Sneary.

The crash of a Star Wars vessel on the roof of Kevin’s office park suburban building causes a commotion for the emergency response teams in the neighborhood.
In the next block, the Green Goblin taunts Spider-Man. Yup, anything can happen on our layout.

Roy’s railroad station

Kevin’s Metrorail cars

Kevin was seduced by the dark side when he accepted stickers of the WMATA “M” to apply to his Metrorail cars. Constantine had taken the opportunity at the last show to study Kevin’s design sufficiently intently to make his own version, and also supplied a transport vehicle for an idle car.

Claudia’s crossing gate

Now THAT’s a pretty container!

One of our newer members designed this sticker as a proposal for the train club swap planned for later this year.

Kevin’s cell towers

Returning favorites

Abe’s tank cars.
Roy’s hospital.
Roy’s bar.
Margaret’s 7-11.
Cris’ row houses.
Tom’s coach cars.
Kevin’s Amtrak “Genesis” locomotive, with Code Pilot inside.
Kevin’s black Metroliner.
Roy’s mansion.
Constantine’s Wendy’s
Greg’s 7745.

A few new things, too

Claudia contributed the multi-colored building next to Margaret’s 7-11.
Is that a light saber handle Constantine is using as a sconce on his Pizza Hut? Yes, it is. Good eye, kids.
A new Exxon, selectively compressed to fit a single baseplate.

8-wides a flop in face of tilted layout

The parking lot in which the tent had been pitched had a slope to it.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Dash-8.
Ex-Conrail Dash-9 wide cab.
Norfolk Southern Dash-9 with conventional cab.

Oh, yeah, didn’t we bring a banner with WAMALUG’s new logo?

We sure did.


Participants in attendance: Stephen Roberts, Denise Jadud, Kevin Loch, Tom Cook, Rich Schamus, Christina Hitchcock, Abe Friedman, Greg Kramer, Margaret Keys, Cris Berneburg, Roy Gal, Claudia Coles, Constantine Hannaher, John “Fuzzface” McMahon.

What a grim bunch! Cris, Tom, Constantine, and Kevin feel the afternoon’s heat.
Say, is that Tom picking up someone else’s car?
Claudia checks up on the operation of the crossing gate.
Oh, don’t take my picturrrrre…

Scenes of mayhem, oh, my

A warrant served, and the local news is all over it, while horror unfolds only a few baseplates away…

Too weird for any other heading

Made entirely of Technic parts (except for the 2878 Train Wheels 2) Constantine’s “Bionicle” car attracted attention from devotees.

Brickshelf gallery of Kevin Loch, Brickshelf gallery of Abe Friedman.