Greenberg’s Train Show in Upper Marlboro, Maryland on February 8–9, 2003

Greg’s Union Pacific locomotive, now with sand green glare preventative nose coloration.

We had a display at the Greenberg’s Train Show at The Show Place Arena. A particular highlight of the juxtapositioning of multiple themes was guest Pat Bunn’s display of mecha overrunning the Space section and encroaching on the Castle section while crossbow archers stood bravely in defense.


Michael had the presence of mind to document our “process” of setting up on Friday. Not much can happen until Kevin arrives with the van and the tables. Our layout was by Bob Hayes.

The Show Place Arena. Snow fell Thursday night, but the roads were cleared in time.

The result on Saturday morning.

Something different this time around, a variety of themes

We invited participants to decorate different sections of the layout with themes which we don’t usually include in a display. Besides the areas of Kevin’s City and Greg’s Town, we had displays in the theme of Pirates from Abe, Castle and Harry Potter from Christina, Space from Aaron and Bob and guest Pat, Wild West from Ken, and Boats from Marian.

Margaret’s display of the history of LEGO® Trains

We brought a few other trains, too

Bob presents an introduction to LEGO® Trains


Participants in attendance: Denise Jadud, Kevin Loch, Tom Cook, Bob Hayes, Christina Hitchcock, Abe Friedman, Greg Kramer, Margaret Keys, Aaron Sneary, Claudia Coles, Constantine Hannaher, Marian Hardy, Ken Rice, Michael Harrod, Jim Foulds, Maelee Foulds. Guests: Pat Bunn, Nate Jacobs, Patrick O’Donnell.

Time to go…

Brickshelf gallery of Abe Friedman, Flickr album of Constantine Hannaher, Brickshelf gallery of Michael Harrod.