Greenberg’s Train, Toy & Hobby Show in Upper Marlboro, Maryland on February 26–27, 2005

We had a display at the Greenberg’s Train, Toy & Hobby Show at The Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Our layout was by Bob Hayes.


Derek’s shunter with Todd’s video camera installed displaying on this notebook computer kept visitors amused.

Motive power

A F40PH in the colors of the VRE heads a new commuter train by Constantine.

Todd’s red-accented High-Speed Train.

Todd’s even more red GP-38.

Rolling stock

Tom’s clearance car and B&O boxcar make an appearance.

Pullman Gallery car.

Kawasaki Bi-Level car.

Mafersa coach car.

Control cab end…

…betrays a sticker covering multiple pieces.

A new look to the ambassador car.

Tom challenged participants to make use of the chromed parts in the 4 Juniors 4654 Tanker Truck, and this was his contribution.


Margaret built a tank car rather than a hopper.

Todd’s circus cars…

…included this aquarium car.


Tom built a tower to hold aloft the receiver for commands from the remote controls.

Sadly, some participants did not devote full attention to the task of train operation.

Buildings and structures

Derek’s B-25J finds a home in Kevin’s last-minute addition of a Vehicle Assembly Building.

Mike’s 7-11.

Mike’s lighthouse.

Abe’s large red building.

Actually, Abe’s tan building is big, too.

Kevin’s downtown.

Tom’s row houses.

The builder across the way skimped on the architectural details…

Constantine’s Main Street across from the subway station was anchored by a corner building inspired by a former participant’s creation*.

2002 prices.

Todd’s construction site.

Todd’s circus.

Margaret’s farm.

Bob’s valley.

The Old Lady’s shoe by Tony.

Some non-LEGO® track in Ken’s Wild West area.

An otherwise bucolic-looking mountain…

…harbors a hideout! By Tony.


Mike, Todd, Derek.

Derek, Tony, Bob.

Margaret, Tom.

Todd, Denise.

Ken, Sheila.

Participants in attendance: Denise Jadud, Tom Cook, Bob Hayes, Kevin Loch, Abe Friedman, Margaret Keys, Constantine Hannaher, Ken Rice, Michael Harrod, Todd Thuma, Tony Perez, and Derek Schin. Guest: Sheila Moreland.

*Where by “former participant” your humble chronicler means Greg Kramer.

Flickr album of Constantine Hannaher, Brickshelf gallery of Abe Friedman.