The Great Scale Model Train Show and The All-American Hi-Rail & Collectors Train Show in Timonium, Maryland on April 1–2, 2006

We had a display at The Great Scale Model Train Show and The All-American Hi-Rail & Collectors Train Show in the Cow Palace of the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium, Maryland. Participants in attendance: Constantine Hannaher, Ed Kohl, Clifton D. Chambers, Sr., and Clifton D. Chambers, Jr. Additional buildings by Michael Harrod. Additional baseplates by Tony Perez. Our layout by Ed Kohl.

Clifton reported in the 1628th message to the list:

… It went very well. Some people asked about the missing bridge and giant train station. We heard the usual questions and statements, like I did know LEGO did electric trains. It was nice to be able to show people the motors and explain how the system worked.

Ed, Clifton and I spent Friday setting up and it went pretty smooth. It was a lot of work for three people. We sorted though a few tables to get the best that matched up in height and were not bowed. [We] were all there for Saturday and finished the set up in the morning. Sunday Ed held down the fort while we were at church. Clifton and I got there as the show was closing and started the break down.

Ed's track design was awesome. We managed to get five trains running at the same time. Ed's commuter train was running on the L loop. Ed's Harry Potter train ran on the oval around the housing area. The third was a cargo on a large circuit. The final two trains shared the outer large circuit.

I want to thank all of those that contributed to the layout. Mike contributed three buildings and Tony provided lots [of] base plates. Constantine came by today and photographed the layout. …

I think we held our own.

The layout ultimately required eight of the banquet tables with its details, including fire and rescue operations at a burning house in the suburban end. Your narrator’s contribution was limited to two police cars depicting local jurisdictions and first drafts for a couple of buses. Also, the temptation of controllers in plain view was too much for some of our younger visitors.

Flickr album of Constantine Hannaher, Brickshelf gallery of Ed Kohl.