13th Manassas Railway Heritage Festival in Manassas, Virginia on June 2, 2007

We had a display on June 2, 2007 at the 13th Manassas Heritage Railway Festival in Manassas, Virginia. We used all of our tables to place the action of multiple independent loops close to the visitors. New creations could be spotted here and there. Tony distributed new bricks from the Brick Engraver with our new wordmark engraved in gold on blue. Participants in attendance: Denise Jadud, Tom Cook, Bob Hayes, Rich Schamus, Abe Friedman, Margaret D. Keys, Cris Berneburg, Constantine Hannaher, Mike Harrod, Linda Schamus, Tony Perez, Ian Rabusseau, Ed Kohl, Gene Nazarowitz. Table transport by Ted Rabusseau. Additional assistance by Charles Reichley.

Brickshelf gallery of Bob Hayes, Flickr album of Constantine Hannaher.