Washington Baltimore & Annapolis Train Collectors Association chapter meeting in Fairfax, Virginia on November 29, 2003

Bob’s orange TGV and multi-color RDC await their turn.

We had a display at the Washington Baltimore & Annapolis Train Collectors Association chapter meeting in Fairfax, Virginia. Our layout was designed by Nate Jacobs.


The location was hard to see from the street (this view is from the parking lot).

The cart supplied by the venue sure turned out useful.

Getting the tables set up.

Kevin takes care of his corner of the layout.

Okay, putting up the plexiglass is not that funny.

Motive power

Bob’s GG-1 sidelined.

Kevin’s Genesis.

Bob’s AEM-7 electric.

But that one can go in the drink ‒one of Kevin’s Metrorail cars lacked trucks and met a watery fate.

Bob’s TGV and yellow shunter.

A My Own Train Large Green engine pushes a handcar.

Bob’s Rail Diesel Car.

Rolling stock

Nate built a couple of box cars without having any specific corporate colors in mind‒Constantine came up with a few.

Abe brought tank cars.

Wild West and Castle!

Ken was given free rein to create a Wild West tableau.

Alas, the settlers encroach.

Windmill rotates.

Magnus’s castle fits in‒no problem!

Buildings and Structures

Bob’s office tower features Duplo mosaic bricks.

The 4492 MINI Star Destroyer our first chance to see the new gray.

Abe’s new office tower in tan.

Nate’s new block; it does kind of look like a jail in the middle.

The popular piano player illuminated inside.

Abe’s tract houses define an unzoned area of town.

Franchise row.


Bob’s Gringott’s truck.

One of Nate’s tractor trailers from a tractor design by Pierre Normandin.

Bob’s tour bus.

Constantine’s old car finds a parking spot.

Bob has modeled his Volkswagen Golf.

Bob has built James Mathis’ What Will You Make, America? Truck.

Curses! Constantine was inspired by the helipad atop Abe’s new office tower to build the main model from 4403 Air Blazers in miniature.


Participants in attendance: Bob Hayes, Kevin Loch, Abe Friedman, Greg Kramer, Margaret Keys, Constantine Hannaher, Magnus Lauglo, Ken Rice, Nate Jacobs.

Bob, taking aim with his new digital camera.

Kevin and Ken take stock of the layout.

Abe, taking a picture.

Margaret taking care of some supplies.

Magnus’ first appearance at a layout‒not that anyone was keeping track.

Slow times, time to rest.

Group photograph: Bob, Suzanne, Magnus, Ken, Greg, Kevin, Maragret, Nate, Constantine, and Abe.

Brickshelf gallery of Abe Friedman, Flickr album of Constantine Hannaher.