Greenberg’s Train & Toy Show in Chantilly, Virginia on August 9–10, 2014

We had a display at the Greenberg’s Train and Toy Show at the Dulles EXPO & Conference Center in Chantilly, Virginia. Our layout by Tom Cook. Participants in attendance: Thomas J. Cook, Robert J. Hayes, Abraham Friedman, Constantine Hannaher, Michael C. Harrod, Anthony Perez, Edward T. Kohl, Gene Nazarowitz, Garrett Cook, Kunie DeVorkin. Denise Jadud returned the banner and assisted the table setup. Additonal bridge by Margaret D. Keys. Special guests: Lloyd Rombold, Dan Rubin, Robert J. Gurskey.

Garrett built a skyscraper: Meanwhile, on the infinityeth floor…

Flickr album of Constantine Hannaher.