Display at the National Toy Train Museum, installed March 25, 2007

We installed a display in a cabinet at the National Toy Train Museum in Paradise Township, Pennsylvania on Sunday, March 25, 2007, to replace a display installed by WAMALUG and WamaLTC in that location in 2004. Participants in attendance: Richard W. Schamus, Abe Friedman, Margaret D. Keys, Mike Harrod, Linda M. Schamus, Ed Kohl. Contributors to the display: Rich and Linda Schamus (train station facade); Margaret D. Keys, Constantine Hannaher, Ed Kohl, Clifton Chambers, Sr. (trains); Abe Friedman, Marian Hardy, Mike Harrod (help and support); Constantine Hannaher (sign). Signal bridges built according to designs by Tom Cook.

Brickshelf gallery of Abe Friedman. Brickshelf gallery of Ed Kohl.

We refreshed the display on Saturday, February 21, 2009.